The agent joins the form
The agent joins the form

һYint Localization
The agent joins the form

һYint Localization:

1 Localization in idea: Let all cooperative partners make profits; Let consumers win appreciation in the course of consumption of the products;
2 Market orientation: Developing the horizontal alliance, the products all join and sell the agent;
3 The products make a reservation: Products constant innovation of technology, make products a constant one deep to take, diversified, open up the new marketing mode through the way of technology;


The agent joins the form:

1 Request with alliance's agent;
1 Possess independent legal personality;
2 Second acting or inside member of agent that our company develop already;
3 Have one's own business groups, is engaged in products agency or selling operation ;
4 Have sure understanding to telecommunication IP businesses , and have development purpose in this trade;
5 Possess certain fund strength.
2Join the form : Sign " exchange sound reach IP technology serial product agent join the contract ".