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£ £ £ £ £  ¡¡£  IN-HOME AND OUTDOOR¡¡£ 
£ £ £ £ £  Gateway telephone¡¡£  ¡¡£ 
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Smart Card Specialized Telephone System¡£
Connectted to any platform of public telephone network to interate into a public telephone system£»
One person needs one card and enjoys whole network service, conveniently,reliably ,and fast£»
Directly dial the telephone umber as usual.No need to dial the IP access number, the account number,etc.£»
Convenient to manage the telephone bill and control the cost to the best possibility£»
Store up to 5 credit card£»
Easy to check the remaining balance in the card
Gateway telephone

Directly dial number as usual£»
Four IP memory,storing 48 max.Digits£»
According to different atart code to select corresponding gateway£»
Auto select the best and cheapest gateway in different period of time£»
Auto skip to another gateway when one busy£»
Bypass button to dial direct to PSTN as gateway is in failure£»
8 access gateway number£»
Software security optional£»
Hotline key for service momently£»
Restriction any outgoing call by password£»
Power failure protected all data£»
Remote controlling and collecting data.